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Creative Projects

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One of the major advantages of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Client was seeking a luxury, creative, and fun branding, packaging, and website design for their Luxury Organic Skin and Hair Care line. We created a next-level design by strategically combing a user-friendly experience while brand storytelling. We created a brand based on their goals and story. We assisted this ambitious team and shaped their vision into a unique idea that is now unforgettable. We created their logo, brand, website, and branding photoshoot.

Client was seeking a digital strategy to help their business with their brand launch. We arranged a branding photography event with one of the top beauty photographers in the area. We scheduled in 5 top models/influencers in the area. We have yet to receive and post the photos - per the clients request for their official launch date.

Creative Work: Services

Face Candy Skin + Beauty


A good web design is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and caters to the consumer and brand of the website. Client was seeking a clean, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing website. 
We focused on designing this brand with simplicity, so that no extraneous information and functionality could distract or confuse their consumers. We told their story in a luxury and modern approach. We assisted this ambitious and goal-getting team throughout the entire website design process. We created their website and instagram rebrand + social media management.

Client was seeking to gain more traction to their business through the power of social media. We take part in the creative and passionate marketing/ communications team that is always working to develop new ideas for this ambitious skin+beauty spa. We are developing new brand campaigns to amplify their impact and gain brand visibility to attract more consumers. They are currently on our social media management top tier plan.

Creative Work: Services

A great website can be an engine of business growth. Client was seeking a creative, fun, yet user friendly website for their Childcare Referral Agency. We created a next-level design by strategically combing a user-friendly experience while brand storytelling. We created a brand and website that builds trust. We assisted this ambitious team and shaped their vision into a unique idea that is now unforgettable. We created Top Notch Child Care Concierge's logo, website, social media marketing content, and lead generation.

The power of social media has a true influence. Having a clear strategy is powerful and inspiring. Client was seeking a digital strategy to help their business reach new heights. We designed an extensive and technical expertise for their goals that formed into measurable results. Top Notch Child Care Concierge now has a beautiful, fun, and energetic digital media marketing strategy that brings in new and existing clients. Social Media is an incredible way to connect with your target audience, establish trust, and build loyalty. We made sure we fulfilled the digital marketing aspect for Top Notch Child Care Concierge.

Creative Work: Services
Pastel Minimalist Fashion Poster-4.png

The Sassy Hustle is a female empowerment brand. Client requested that we create the design from start to finish which included the logo, graphic design, branding, content creation, website, and marketing. Client wanted a classy, sassy, and luxurious brand. The design process started with seeking inspiration through feminine photography. We created a phenomenal and feminine brand board with four logos and four watermarks. We included classy textures along with a pink color board pallet. The brand board was a huge hit and the client was extremely satisfied, so we continued on with the branding and resulted in a beautifully designed website. The Sassy Hustle's goal was to create a fun, edgy, classy, and girly themed brand.

 At Design Driven Media, we create stories through our branding method and went above and beyond to make sure their goal was met. We created a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to attract followers and created loyal advocates for their brand.  We came up with a character that is sassy and classy. She has a feeling to her that leaves a great impression to their readers and builds character throughout the brand. The character connects with their audience, establishes trust, absorbs feedback, and builds loyalty. We also created free eBooks for their readers which entailed a detailed designs. The eBooks are instantly downloadable on their website. Their readers can now download a Wellness Planner and a Sassy Savings Planner - complementary!

Creative Work: Services

Design Isn't A Gamble


Take advantage of Digital Strategy to help your business reach new heights. With extensive technical expertise and a knack for clear and creative ideas, We turn your goals into measurable results. Many businesses feel overwhelmed when it comes to putting together a creative website and digital marketing campaign. That’s where we come in. In this particular case the client asked for a clean digital approach to her Home Decoration brand. Client requested a simple, yet effective logo. The result was a gold shade with two simple fonts and it looked fabulous.

Client was seeking a professional, yet feminine vibe. We came up with a few different strategies that exemplify what we can do to attract more customers to their company and brand and this design was the end result. Client was very satisfied and now has been accepted into multiple brand deals due to her professional digital outcome created by Design Driven Media.

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Creative Work: Services

Aesthetic Art Skincare


Aesthetic Art Skincare is a full-service spa that offers a broad range of skin care treatments. Each customizable skincare treatment can be tailored to the specific needs of your skin. Aesthetic Art Skincare needed a strategic plan for their social media accounts.

Local organic growth was crucial for this business. We focused our attention on the social media account strategy, daily engagement, paid ad strategy, and content creation direction for Aesthetic Art Skincare and their sales have increased by 79% within a 2 month grace period upon hire. Client is highly satisfied. Website is in progress.

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Additional Client Logo Creations

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