Design Driven Media was born out of the desire to create the tools businesses need to thrive and successfully make it to the top. We elevate your business to the next-level and give you the guidance you have been seeking.


Hear it from me

Michelle Daboul, Founder & CEO.

I started out in my field in 2005, and since then I’ve gathered the skills and expertise necessary to take you to the next level. I practice yoga and meditation daily, and that is my biggest advantage. Meditation enhances creativity and brain waves. We are all creators in some way. We just express it differently. I study the science of creativity and awaken my inner artist daily. My work comes from a place of intuition and a deeper place of seeing and that helps me fuel the creative process to help businesses strive. There's a burning passion within me to create unique art that will make your brand stand out. Upon establishing a couple of successful businesses, I quickly learned that the key to success in your business lies within branding, web design, marketing strategy, and social media influence. Online success should be the goal to your business and I can guide you to achieve just that. At Design Driven Media, we seek to create long-lasting relationships with our clientele. We create quality work and content that tailors to your mission and vision. We are driven to go the extra mile on each creative project. Our team thrives off of a challenge. We're successful when our clients are successful. 



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